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Spotlight on Warminster Township, Bucks County & West Whiteland Township, Chester County

Warminster Township was originally part of Southampton Township before its borders were established in 1711. Warminster was mostly settled by English and Scotch-Irish colonists after William Penn received a grant of land in the area from King Charles, II.  It was the site of the Battle of Crooked Billet during the Revolutionary War, which resulted in a resounding defeat for George Washington’s colonial troops.

Craven Hall at the corner of Street Road and Newtown Road is included in the National Register of Historic Places listings in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Warminster’s most significant historical figure was William Tennent, an outspoken religious leader and educator.

John Fitch and Steven Pagano designed the first steamboat model that was tested on the Delaware River and successfully floated.

The U.S. Navy acquired an industrial site in Warminster from the Brewster Aeronautical Corporation during World War II. The Johnsville Naval Air Development Center as it was called then served as a weapons development and airplane testing facility. In the 1960’s, the naval site became adapted as a training center for the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo space programs. The facility also developed a prototype “black box,” best known as the indestructible recorder of cockpit conversations and information in the event of a crash. The facility closed in 1996. The Warminster Community Park now sits on some of the land the where the Center was located.

The current population of Warminster is about 32,000 people. There is a variety of businesses, restaurants, senior living facilities, 409 acres of passive and active parks, and Five Ponds Golf Course. The Centennial School District offices are located in Warminster.

Carroll Engineering Corporation has been appointed the 2020 Traffic Engineer for Warminster Township. We are excited to have the Township as a client and we look forward to developing a trusting, working relationship with the Township.

Founded in 1711, West Whiteland was part of the Welsh Tract which included the Townships of Haverford, Radnor, Merion, Tredyffrin, Willistown, Easttown, Goshen, and Whiteland. The name Whiteland originates from Whiteland Gardens, Flintshire, Wales. Whiteland Township was divided into the two townships of East and West with final decree of the court on February 26, 1765. The Township has a total area of approximately 13 square miles with a population of approximately 18,500 people. West Whiteland Township serves Exton and part of West Chester, in the center of Chester County, PA.

A notable piece of history in this area was the Battle of the Clouds, which was an aborted mission of the Philadelphia campaign of the American Revolutionary War on September 16, 1777. After the American defeat at the Battle of Brandywine, the British Army remained encamped near Chadds Ford. When British commander William Howe was informed that the weakened American force was less than ten miles away, he decided to go for another triumph.

George Washington learned of Howe’s plans and prepared for battle. Before the two armies could begin battle, a rain storm hit the area. With their ammunition ruined by the rain and being outnumbered, Washington opted to retreat. The Americans chose to retreat immediately to northern Chester County, the British and Hessian troops remained and camped overnight in West Whiteland. There are over 40 sites in West Whiteland Township listed on the National Register.

The opening of the Exton Square Mall located at Pennsylvania Route 100 and U.S. Business Route 30 in August 1973 led to an increase in growth in businesses and population. The West Chester Area School District operates the public schools in the Township.

Carroll Engineering Corporation has been appointed 2020 Sanitary Sewer Engineer for West Whiteland Township. We are excited to have the Township as a client and we look forward to developing a trusting, working relationship with the Township.