Educational facilities today need to be equipped, both inside and out, to handle new technology and resources while creating an enjoyable atmosphere where students can thrive

The design and construction of educational facilities require design expertise, as well as communication and coordination efforts. Educational institutions have an obligation to explore new technologies and provide leadership for new trends in the construction and maintenance of educational facilities, especially as they relate to sustainable design and infrastructure. Carroll Engineering is committed to exploring and testing green best practices and brings innovate design to site planning, landscape features and stormwater management.

Carroll Engineering has a history of developing excellent working relationships with the school staff to ensure that their needs are met. We successfully complete education projects on time and on budget, both through open-end contracts or individual project assignments. Carroll Engineering, whether directly or through an architectural client, interactively collaborates with representative members of the education institute, administration, faculty, staff and/or students to develop and document an understanding of project goals. A successful plan requires interaction and confirmation of goals throughout the design process.