Commercial properties have a variety of services required to
be successful and Carroll Engineering has provided all of these commercial construction management services to numerous projects.

It’s easy to take for granted that the places we live, shop and work
are kept modern and up-to-date. But all of these places are dynamically
impacted by the engineering world. Whether it’s an outdoor shopping
center, a multi-story office building or a parking garage, Carroll
Engineering has the experience to give your project the quality services
necessary to make it a success.

Carroll Engineering takes a vertical engineering approach for residential, retail and commercial projects. We can begin your project at conception,
assessing the site for environmental issues, surveying the site to determine
the property lines and physical features, and planning the layout of the site.
We advocate at the local, state and federal level as necessary to gain the proper approvals and permitting, and we participate in public hearings to
gain citizen support through education.

We provide the site engineering necessary to make your architect’s vision a reality, as well as supporting that reality through structural engineering.
We inspect the construction to ensure it’s done properly and safely. We do all this in the most environmentally sustainable way, and can assist in
achieving LEED certification for your project.

From years of experience with the design, approval and construction of retail facilities, financial establishments, and business campuses, Carroll Engineering has a track record of completing successful commercial projects. We have achieved success through a commitment to responsiveness, communication and flexibility regardless of whether we’re working for end users or development companies.