Structural Engineering

Carroll’s broad structural engineering capabilities extend to the design and analysis of both existing and proposed structures including bridges, culverts, buildings, industrial plants, parking facilities and other infrastructure.

Our bridge design expertise ranges from multiple-span steel or concrete bridges on state and local highways to bridges on private property, to single-span pedestrian bridges. The firm also performs NBIS structural inspections and load ratings of bridges and culverts. In addition to NBIS inspections, we have extensive experience in performing damage assessments and detailing emergency repairs.

The firm designs single-story and multi-story buildings and both underground and above-ground water and wastewater facilities. Our experience includes all major areas of construction: structural steel, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, masonry, and timber. We perform condition assessments and floor live-load ratings of existing buildings. Our roofing expertise includes assessing existing roofs and detailing and specifying new roofs for BUR, EPDM, and shingles.

Structural Engineering Services at Carroll Engineering include:

  • Bridge Design and Rehabilitation
  • Deep Foundations
  • Parking Garages
  • Building Design and Renovations
  • Bridge and Building Condition Assessments

“Carroll Engineering has assisted the County on a variety of structural engineering projects in recent years.  They have consistently been receptive to the County’s needs, with prompt service and excellent communication throughout each project.”

Michael Emili, P.E., Director of Public Works, County of Northampton

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Carroll’s Featured Structural Engineering Projects

Bucks County Bridge No. 234 Rehabilitation
Client: County of Bucks, West Rockhill Township, PA

Bucks Bridge 234 Pic

Structural design, roadway design, environmental permitting, contract documentation, contract management, and construction inspection services were provided by CEC for the rehabilitation of an historic triple stone arch bridge in West Rockhill Township. Work consisted of reconstruction of stone spandrel walls and wingwalls, repair of stone arches, installation of concrete fill over arches, construction of a reinforced concrete deck slab full length of bridge, construction of reinforced concrete parapets with stone facing, repointing of all stone masonry, stream channel cleaning, installation of guiderail, reconstruction of paving, and installation of bridge signage.

Bucks County Justice Center Parking Garage
Client: County of Bucks, Doylestown, PA

Bucks Parking Garage Pic

CEC served as the Prime Consultant on the project, and was assisted by a parking garage consultant, in designing the $22 million complex as well as all of the off-site improvements.

CEC provided foundation design as well as civil and site engineering for the four-story precast concrete parking garage. The foundation engineering consisted of structural design, preparation of technical specifications and shop drawing review for the foundation of the precast building. The foundation was of a combination of cantilever reinforced concrete foundation walls and interior spread footings. The walls and spread footings were either founded directly on bedrock or on a deep foundation consisting of reinforced concrete caissons. Additionally, isolated footings and caisson caps were connected with reinforced concrete tie beams as necessary to transfer lateral seismic loads.