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Carroll Engineering Corporation Attends the 2019 American Water Works Association Conference

Senior Vice President, Allen Mason, P.E. and Vice President John Swenson, P.E. attended the American Water Works Association (AWWA) ACE19 Annual Conference and Exposition at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado which ran from June 9th to 12th.  AWWA President David Rager commended AWWA members and volunteers who “literally write the water industry standards for materials, equipment, and practice and who understand the importance of providing a safe, reliable, supply of drinking water for the planet.”  The theme of the conference was Innovating the Future of Water.  AWWA’s CEO David La France explained that innovation was key to the water sector moving forward-“With new challenges, we need new solutions.”  One of the goals of the conference was to inspire and connect the water sector with innovative solutions and new insights to help solve global water challenges.

The conference showcased more than 450 exhibitors as well as learning opportunities on the show floor. There were professional programs with unique sessions and expert presenters covering topics that are relevant to a global water audience.  There were many workshops held and offsite tours that convention goers could visit.  Attendees participated in think-tank discussions concerning water-focused challenges.  Some of the facilities in the area that were visited included Aurora Water’s state-of-the-art Binney Water Purification Facility, the Denver Water Marston Water Treatment Plant, and the Denver Zoo where attendees learned about recycled water use inside the exhibit areas.

One of Carroll’s core services is Water and Wastewater Engineering. For more information about our engineering services, please visit www.carrollengineering.com or contact Allen Mason, P.E. at amason@carrollengineering.com or 215.343.5700 ext. 359 or John Swenson, P.E., at jswenson@carrollengineering.com or 215.343.5700 ext. 306.