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The Difference Between Structural Engineering & Civil Engineering

Structural engineering and civil engineering are two disciplines within the field of engineering that deal with the analysis, design, and construction of infrastructure projects. But despite their similarities, there are some clear differences that set them apart. All structural engineers are civil engineers, but not every civil engineer is a structural engineer.

In this blog, we take a quick look at structural engineering and civil engineering and explore what makes each critical to project success.

What is Structural Engineering?

Structural engineering involves the analysis, design, construction, and maintenance of structures that reinforce or counteract loads. A deep understanding of structural engineering is vital to the safe development of both existing and proposed structures. From bridges to culverts to parking garages, structural engineers are focused on the load-bearing design and material elements that allow construction projects of all sizes to take shape. At Carroll Engineering, some of the projects we work on that fall under structural engineering include:

  • Bridge design and rehabilitation
  • Deep foundations
  • Retaining walls
  • Building design and renovation
  • Bridge and building condition assessments

Carroll’s structural engineering capabilities allow us to provide comprehensive condition assessments and floor live-load ratings for existing buildings, roofing assessments, and material recommendations.

What is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineering is the overall engineering discipline that deals with the constructed world around us. That means all public and private buildings, roads, airports, and water systems. It includes engineering sub-disciplines such as construction engineering, traffic engineering, water/wastewater engineering, and environmental engineering. Civil engineers at Carroll work on a vast range of engineering and infrastructure projects of varying scales, including:

Our civil engineers collaborate with other engineers, architects, planners, designers, and builders to develop major institutions, commercial buildings, public and recreational facilities, industrial projects, and residential projects.

Getting the Best of Both Worlds

Some engineering firms specialize in civil engineering, others in structural engineering, and others in any of the countless other engineering disciplines. At Carroll Engineering, our extensive experience and dedication to quality come together for full-service engineering solutions that are customized to meet the unique needs of your project.

Visit our Structural Engineering Services and Civil Engineering Services pages to learn more about how Carroll Engineering can help with your next project.