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Upper Mount Bethel Township Completes River Road Bridge Utilizing “Innovative” Bridge System Design

As part of Upper Mount Bethel Township’s Turnback Program with PennDOT along a section of River Road, the Township recently replaced the bridge culvert structure that carries River Road over an unnamed tributary to the Delaware River. Carroll Engineering Corporation (CEC) performed the surveying, and environmental permitting, with Carroll’s Justin Coyle, P.E., and his design team doing the engineering, hydraulic analysis, project oversite, and other related tasks for the new structure.

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Taking Simulation Software On The Roads With Synchro & SimTRAFFIC


Traffic modeling programs are vital to engineers across the globe, serving engineers, researchers, and planners as they manage and enhance transportation systems that have become increasingly more complex and congested.  Synchro (macrosimulation) and SimTraffic (microsimulation), both developed by Trafficware, are two of the most widely used programs.

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Civil Engineering & Site Design: A Definitive Guide

Planning & Site Design

Civil Engineering-Planning & Site Design: A Definitive Guide

Civil engineers are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the very foundations of our society. We develop roads, bridges, water and utility systems, waterways and seaports, airports, as well as infrastructure for countless homes, buildings, and services. So how do complex, sometimes massive projects like these even get started? In today’s blog, we’re going to find out!

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The Difference Between Structural Engineering & Civil Engineering

Structural engineering and civil engineering are two disciplines within the field of engineering that deal with the analysis, design, and construction of infrastructure projects. But despite their similarities, there are some clear differences that set them apart. All structural engineers are civil engineers, but not every civil engineer is a structural engineer.

In this blog, we take a quick look at structural engineering and civil engineering and explore what makes each critical to project success.

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Take the opportunity to see the entirety of your site from a bird’s eye view, with the help of Carroll Engineering’s drone technology. We have been utilizing the drone’s ability to capture aerial views of clients’ projects from start to finish, pre-planning initiatives, site mapping and offer real-time video captures for hard to see areas using accuracy and speed. Our licensed drone pilot uses his experience to remotely pilot the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), as it collects aerial data through its pivotal imagery sensors. For instance, when used in a drone survey, a client can request measurements at certain distances and in other specified volumetric distances. Project managers can inherently benefit from utilizing the drone information for day-to-day project updates and staying informed to make quicker reaction times to any project delays that can arise.

Here are some areas employing the accuracy and quality of Drone Technology:

  • Municipal Planning
  • Planning and Design for Water Resources
  • Engineering for Public Facilities, Bridges, and Roads

Check out our drone in action with these videos from our YouTube page:

Feasterville Water Tank – Ladder and Roof Inspection
Feasterville, Bucks County, PA
Click to watch video

Uhlerstown Covered Bridge – Bucks County Bridge #203
Uhlerstown, Bucks County, PA
Click to watch video

Upper Mount Bethel Township Community Park
Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton County, PA
Click to watch video

Have a project in the pipeline that needs an aerial capture?

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When the danger of walking surpasses that of driving in a vehicle, flying in an airplane, or riding on public transportation lines (trains and buses), there is cause for concern for the on-going rise in pedestrian fatalities. Death statistics from 2017 show that every 88 minutes a pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle. While overall vehicular fatalities have been trending down for years, the percentage of “outside the vehicle” fatalities (involving pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists, and other non-occupants) has increased from a low of 20% in 1996 to a high of 34% in 2018. Sadly, this represents the greatest number of pedestrian deaths since 1990. Pedestrians are at a high-risk level of being put in danger, even when obeying proper traffic laws and controls.

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