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Carroll Engineering Corporation Attends CCAP Conference

Carroll Engineering Corporation (CEC) attended the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) 132nd Annual Conference on August 6th in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  It was an opportunity to network with officials across Pennsylvania such as county commissioners, council members, county executives, and administrators.  The keynote speaker at the conference was U.S. Senator Bob Casey, Jr. Continue reading

MuniLogic Update

MuniLogic, the municipal management software designed, developed and continually enhanced by Carroll Engineering Corporation (CEC), continues to increase its national client base in 2018 with the addition of new clients in Ohio, Illinois, South Carolina, as well within our home region of the Greater Delaware Valley.GSI system logo Continue reading

Spotlight on Plymouth Township

Plymouth Township, located in Montgomery County is a Home Rule municipality of the first class. Plymouth Township received home rule status in 1976. A home rule municipality in Pennsylvania is one incorporated under its own unique charter. Government under a Home Rule Charter allows a municipality to take any governmental or administrative actions it requires, unless such actions are prohibited by general laws of the Commonwealth. Citizens and their elected officials are given more governing power, and there is more of an opportunity for public involvement in governing procedures and decisions. Continue reading

What Is Wastewater Treatment And How Does It Work?

Wastewater treatment plants, or “sewage treatment plants”, serve an extremely important purpose for society. Although the process is a mystery to most outside of the industry, wastewater treatment plants repurpose grey and black water to be safe for discharge to surface waters or further treated for other uses. Sewage water, or wastewater, is water that contains contaminants, such as excrement, that renders it unsafe for consumption. Wastewater can also include stormwater overflow that occurs when long or violent periods of rainfall cause an excess of water to accumulate and enter into the sanitary sewer system.

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Carroll Engineering Will Assist with the New Home for the Whitemarsh Township Authority

The Whitemarsh Township Authority has been renting office space in a building that is too small for their current needs and the needs of their customers. When the search for office space more suited for the Authority’s staff requirements proved unsuccessful, the Authority began exploring other options.  The best solution was to construct a new building for the administrative and accounting staff in front of their treatment plant on Joshua Road. Continue reading