Serving Water and Sewer Authorities has been a core business of ours for 40 years

The future of our environmental infrastructure is one of the most critical challenges we face today. Different government regulations and limited funding for infrastructure has prompted new strategies for the treatment of our water, wastewater and other precious resources.

Carroll Engineering has been a leader in providing water and wastewater engineering services for 40 years. Our experienced staff — familiar and up-to-date with the latest design methods, regulations, and state-of-the-art technology – provides total project assistance form the initial evaluation, studies and design, to construction and administration and start-up operations.

At Carroll Engineering, we also offer experience in the planning, designing and construction management of wastewater and water systems, piping systems, pumping stations and treatment plants. Our GIS and CAD resources are powerful tools for identifying trends and hot spots for Act 537 planning. Our experience ranges from permitting of source to the design of water supply, storage, treatment and distribution facilities for small and large communities – with the overall goal of preserving natural resources.

We understand utilities’ needs for security, regulatory compliance needs, fiscal responsibility and operational priorities. We provide solutions for tomorrow through far-sighted water and sewer infrastructure and environmental planning.

At Carroll Engineering, we always ensure economical high-quality systems that stand the test of time.