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Carroll Engineering Attends the Chester County Association of Township Officials Fall Convention

The Chester County Association of Township Officials held its Fall Convention November 21st at the Mendenhall Inn & Convention Center, in Mendenhall, PA.

Township officials gathered at the event to recognize honored guests, give out awards, and announce the 2020 Executive Board. There was an educational session titled: “5G Wireless and Municipal Considerations.” Following this session were opportunities for networking, PSATS updates from Holly M. Fishel, Director of Research and Policy Development, and opening remarks from Ernie Holling, CCATO President. 

Carroll Engineering Corporation serves various municipalities in Chester County and we have an office in Malvern. For more information about our services, etc., please visit our website at www.carrollengineering.com or contact Al Vennettilli, P.E., Vice President and Malvern Office Manager at avennettilli@carrollengineering.com or 484-875-3075 or Joel Ardman, Vice President at jardman@carrollengineering.com or 215-343-5700 ext. 243.